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2022-01 Program

EWP Application Incubation Program

A one year incubator program that equips entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to launch and build a tech startup. The program has only 10 available seats and includes easy financing for the cost of application design, develop, deploy and operate.

During app incubation periods, entrepreneurs have the support needed to finalize their app business plan and pitch deck, build their MVP, launch it to the public, bring in initial testers and users, and truly learn how to start an app idea the right way.

What is it ?

In One Payment per month

Everything you need is included

SME Feasability study and

Business Plans

Includes Business and Financial Plan ready for SME Fund Application

One Year of

SME Support

Includes complete business support and startup services

Payment Plan


Includes all Costs of design, develop, host and deploy of your application

AppCube is designed to help your application become NEXT BIG THING !

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Methodology and Project Milestones

Program Stages


Application Idea Capture

App Idea Capture Workshop

First and important step, discuss the Application idea. Turn the information into a concept document that includes Problem Statement, Spirit of the App, Key Objectives, user demographics.


Application Validation Wireframing

App Validation Wireframing

First and important step, discuss the Application idea. Turn the information into a concept document that includes Problem Statement, Spirit of the App, Key Objectives, user demographics.


Technical Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

Feasibility study is an un-biased evaluation of an App idea, conducted for the purpose of determining whether the idea is viable and worth pursuing . Technical feasibility inspects whether software can be built with available tools and experts, technology and security frameworks in a reasonable cost and time.


Prototyping and MVP

Prototyping and MVP

A prototype of the product is created here including screens, buttons and basic user interaction. Once the prototype has been finalized a minimum viable product version is created (MVP) if needed by investors. An MVP is a minimum version of the final product and it's delivered to the market right away.


App Roadmap and Architecture.

App Roadmap and Architecture

This is where the application design is converted into a time release plan based on 2 major releases. Here details architecture decisions are made to ensure future features are included in the server hosting and data center related capacities.


Develop and Build


At this stage all of the design, validation, prototyping has been reviewed and approved. All development activities will start using the selected technology, architecture and systems selected. Alpha version is released, alpha is the first phase of software testing After Alpha the Beta version is released. This is when the application is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.


User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

The final and critical part of the app development stage. This process involves the app being tested by users simulating the actual usage of the application to validate all possible.


Application Deployment

Application Deployment

This stage includes submitting the application to the app stores. Includes getting the application submission requirements and attachments created and validated. Ensure that applications compliance matrixes, privacy disclosure requirements.


Post Deploy Perform. Monitoring

Post Deploy Application Performance and Bug Monitoring

Now that application is live its time to monitor its launch to capture any issues. Capture performance, crash statistics, error logs, any bugs.


Post Live System Updates

Post Live System Updates

Application Monitoring reports are used to make bug fixes and performance tweaks. Application update release is deployed at this stage. Final step before application is considered live and operations team take over.

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